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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Cylinder Head Specialists Suppliers in India

In an any internal combustion engine, the cylinder head is the end cover of a cylinder over which cylinder contents are compressed by the piston.Cylinder head specialists are manufacturing the cylinder heads so that the heads can withstand any working condition. The Cylinder head specialists contains a number of minute channels and paths through which fumes exit the engine. They are basically used as conductors for air and fuel so that motor's combustion chamber can be achieved. Also, these heads should be very strong so that they can bear high temperature and weight without affecting the shape and form. We can say that they are the main part for the flowing of air in and out of the cylinders.

Types of Cylinder head:

Flat head Engine Cylinder Heads

This engine is famous for its simple usage. In this engine, the valves are built on sides of the cylinder instead of at the top while the lower part of the head contains chambers for the valves which helps in the intake and exhaust of the heat. Actually, its head is made up of one single slab of metal without any mechanical parts due to which its manufacturing and assembling are easy. But eventually, this engine lost its popularity due to several reasons, one of them is its complicated exhaust path which leads to overheating of the engine.

Overhead Valve (OHV) Engine Cylinder Heads

These engine heads are mainly found in engines which have cylinder blocks with a camshaft. This engine head is better in performance as compared to flatbed design overheads. Also, its complexity of the drive timing system is low as the camshaft is located closely to the crankshaft and they are connected through a gear mechanism or a small chain.

Overhead Camshaft (OHC) Engine Heads

These heads have an embedded camshaft and hence are more complex than the above-discussed heads. In this head, there is no need to use pushrods to actuate the valves as the camshaft is directly located above the valves. Also, these shafts are available in two different variants: one has only one overhead camshaft (SOHC) and the other one has two overhead camshafts(DOHC).

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